Wikipedia Sets Up A Campaign To Improve Its Coverage Of Indigenous Peoples

Wikipedia has started a campaign aimed at increasing its coverage of indigenous people. This campaign has been necessitated by the little content about this important group of people in the history of America. Despite everyone being in a position to add and edit a Wiki page to the site, it has been noted that information on renowned Native Americans such as Esther Belin, a multimedia artist and poet, can hardly be found on the site. The new campaign will see the participants of the annual Wiki Conference North America attend an Indigenous People’s Day event this October. This is aimed at inspiring many contributors and editors to create more contents on not only Native People, but also other minority groups in the United States. Such tactics have worked in the past. For instance, Wikipedia has been able to encourage more female editors and contributors to join the system and increase contents on women. More efforts have been channeled towards improving literature materials on black people and life sciences. This situation makes Wikipedia confident that it will be able to achieve the objective of its campaign. This information was originally reported on Smithsonian’s website as outlined in the link below

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