Wengie Does Harley Quinn Makeup Look With Only Kid Candy


In one of her newer makeup tutorials, Wengie decided to use kid candy to do Harley Quinn makeup. The video is under the title “FULL FACE USING ONLY KIDS CANDY Challenge Harley Quinn Suicide Squad Inspired“.


She used Wizz Fizz powder candy for her foundation. She used a fluffy foundation brush and put it all over her face. It created a slightly paler look to her face.


She used Koolaid packets to do her eyeshadow. She mixed the powder with a little water to make eyeshadow. She messily applied a pink lemonade Koolaid onto one of her eyes with an eyeshadow brush. She used a blueberry Koolaid to create a blue eyeshadow for her other eye. She used black licorice gumballs to create a black shadow as a way to slightly create a smoky effect. She applied the hue onto her eye lid slightly.


She used dark chocolate to create a black liner. She melted the chocolate in a microwave. Then Wengie used one of her eye liner brushes to apply a line onto her upper lash line. Be careful to not apply it to the water line though.


Wengie used a pink gumball to make a pink blush. She tried a few different candies before selecting the pink gumball as a good candy to make a blush for her. She moistened the pink gumball and then rubbed the gumball directly onto her cheeks.


Skittles were what Wengie decided to use to create a lip color. She licked a red skittle and she rubbed the candy onto her lips. she used a bit of red Koolaid to make the color even more bright. Last of all she selected the TNT Mega sour strawberry slime to be used for a lip gloss.


Last of all she used the melted chocolate to draw a heart and rotten on her face. The finished look was surprisingly close to the Harley Quinn makeup look. Wengie put her hair into pigtails and she was very obviously wearing makeup that resembled the Harley Quinn character.

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    By looking like a Kid Candy she has done a terrific makeup stunt for the tube and fans cannot stop the excitement she brings. I think we should brace up for science related essay topics because of the big monies being associated with the sponsorship of technical promotions like doctors and dental care products for example. One can see the Skittles were Wengies sponsors in the obvious sense of being honest.

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