The Inspiring Career Life of Malini Saba

Malini Saba, the founder of Saban, is one of the most remarkable investors, philanthropist and business person from the South side. Her career life kick started in Silicon Valley, back in the 90s. Here she tried investing a number of companies, before she decided to start something of her own. It is then that her biggest investment, Saban, was born. Saban operates in three different regions of the world, specializing in varying business activities. Saban operates in the gas and oil industry in China. The company also has interest in the technology industry in the USA and real estate in India and Asia.

Apart from being a phenomenon businesswoman, Malini Saba is a big philanthropist. Whenever she can, she contributes and donates money to various charities with the hope of creating better societies. In the year 2001, she started Stree: Global Investment in women. The company was inaugurated by Bill Clinton, former president of the USA and Queen Noor. It is aimed at providing easy access, for women and children from low income backgrounds, to health care services and education. It also provides legal empowerment for women in Central America, India, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Malini also made a significant contribution of $ 1 million to El Camino Hospital at Mountain View. The money went towards starting a Research Research Center for the South Asians. This was a year after she had pledged 10 million dollars to victims of the Tsunami that had affected people in Sri Lanka and India.

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba is the chair of Saban, a company that operates in various sectors in three different regions of the world. She was born, raised and studied in Perth. However, upon completing her studies, she moved to the United Sates. She moved there with her former husband and resided in San Francisco. Here she was allowed to live and even take business classes for free at her husband’s school. She took every opportunity to be in conferences where investors attended.

In the over 25 years of business, Saba has excelled through conducting through market trends and projecting on future trends then capitalizing on them.

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