Rocketship Education: Three Pillars.

Rocketship Education is an online public school that is located in four major cities. The cities are San Francisco, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC. The main goal of Rocketship Education is to give each child the best education they can receive whether it is on campus or online learning. Rocketship Education is changing the way students can learn. Each child feels valued and the curriculum helps each child find their particular strengths. Rocketship Education believes that every child should have a chance to dream of a better future for themselves. Here are the three pillars of Rocketship Education and why they are important.

The first pillar that Rocketship believes in is personalized learning. Personalized learning allows each child in the class or online forum to go at their own pace when it comes to school work. It also allows students to excel in what they are really good at and gives them a helping hand on subjects they are weak on. The process of learning is centered on the individual child and what they can achieve.

The second pillar that Rocketship Education focuses on is talent development. Some kids are good at studies and other kids are good at sports. Rocketship takes these children and helps develop them in all areas of academic and social situations. The faculty at Rocketship Education want every child to be as well rounded as possible. Being well rounded is a good way to become a success in life beyond a child’s school years.

The third pillar that makes Rocketship Education stand out is parent power. Rocketship Education believes in working with parents to make sure that they know how their child is doing in school. Rocketship wants to make sure that they live up to a parent’s expectations and if they do not the parent will hold the school responsible.

When parents, kids, and administrators work together only the best ideals can come to the surface. Rocketship Education is an example of the education of the future. When a child succeeds Rocketship succeeds. That is the highest achievement that the school can hope to receive.