Refreshing Bottled Water by 22-Year-Old Waiakea

Bottled water is a popular drink people across the world prefer taking when they are in meetings, when they are traveling or when they are resting at home. This is the opportunity Ryan Emmons found out and finally decided to try it out. He discovered the gap in the market and he was ready to fill it. He also added more taste to the idea by producing a sustainable product.

The premium product was also to remain environmentally-friendly. This fact has made Waiakea Hawaiian volcanic water to be most preferred by many people. It emerges from the melting snow.

Waiakea water company also taps rain from the snow-capped peak of Mauna Loa volcano. This is one of the sources across the world with the purest water. The Waiakea water is full of potassium, magnesium, and calcium. It also offers health benefits because the minerals are good for the skin hair, skin, bones and nails.

Growing Value

According to Organic Authority, The motivation of the co-founder, Waiakea water was to become a young beverage entrepreneur. He perceived the beverage sector was full of investors who were over 50 years of age. According the recent statistics, the company has grown at a rate of 4,000% since it was founded in 2012. It has also recorded a growth rate of up to 170% every year.

This kind of growth was experienced after local distributors found the bottled water was worth. Today, the company is valued at $10 million. The growth is a clear indication the quality of water offered is super amazing and clients have continued to demand an extra bottle.

Do You Trust Your Water

The environmental degradation has sent fear across the world and people today are concerned about what they eat or drink. However, for this kind of water, it is has been purified and packaged in a safe and healthy way.

Specialty Food said that it has been tested for years and proven to be true. The bottle is easy to carry and you can comfortably carry a bottle to the office. Moreover, the Waiakea springs is a source of clean water, which has been tested and approved. It has also been made to provide solutions to the environmental and social issues.

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