Investigator Pro 4.0 Helps Prosecutors, Too

Securus Technologies is doing a lot of good these days. The telecommunications giant services prisons and jail facilities across the country. They also innovate technologies to assist law enforcement. Essentially, they do good for inmates and those wearing the badge.


They do this by providing prisoners on the inside access to video chats. All the loved one of an inmate needs to do is set up an account at the Securus website. Once the account is set up, you simply need to request a video chat at a specific time. Once it’s approved, you login and enjoy a virtual visit. This kind of intimate communication afforded to prisoners has actually been shown to reduce recidivism rates, making the community at large safer.


But Securus takes it a step further. Each and every communication into an out of a prison or jail serviced by Securus is recorded and logged. Hours upon hours of video chats and phone calls sit there waiting to reveal information to law enforcement. But it would take too many man hours to comb through all of this digital information. But that is where Securus’s new innovation comes in — Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search.


Untold hours of phone conversations can now be searched for the signature of a single voice. Every single phone call that an identified voice has ever made will pop up in an instant search results. Law enforcement to narrow down a tremendous amount of data in order to find a single person and every phone call he is ever made.


Prosecutors can use this information as well, using recorded phone calls to shed light on the character of the defendant. And who knows?


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