Donald Scott NYC Keeps The Straight Razor Haircut Alive

There are many different options available to hair stylists in the 21st century as new products and technologies are always entering the market from companies like Donald Scott NYC, but many hairstylists are now looking back to older equipment they believe can still perform at the highest level in the 21st century. For short haircuts the use of a straight razor can either add interest and definition to a style or finish the look wanted for a retro style.


Many people often believe the use of a straight razor as a hair cutting tool is limited to men’s hairstyles or shorter styles for women, but this is not always the case as a longer style can be given added interest with the use of a razor; using a razor on thick long hair can add a different sense of style to the haircut that will allow the ends to flip out for added interest.


Donald Scott NYC has now become one of the world’s leading manufacturers and educators of straight razor products and techniques. The products created by Donald Scott NYC include a range of multi use choices, including the Carving Comb and the DS/X4 razor for finishing any style that has been created.

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Carving Comb from WPRNY on Vimeo.

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