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Whitney Wolfe Is Launching A New Version Of Bumble

Whitney Wolfe is a titan in the world of dating apps. She was one of the people who was responsible for the creation of Tinder, a widely used and highly popular dating application in the world today.

After working as vice president of marketing at Tinder, Whitney Wolfe helped launch yet another dating application. It was called Bumble, and it was an app designed by a woman for a woman. Today, Bumble ranks among one of the most highly used and popular dating apps for both men and women.

Bumble is no pushover app with a niche audience. The New York Times reports that the app gets over 10 billion different swipes every month and generates more than 800 million matches each month. The matches at Bumble work in much the same way as they do in Tinder. Both parties must swipe each other for a match to form.

The big difference in Bumble from Tinder is that women initiate conversations. Men must wait for a women to start a conversation. A women can only start a conversation with a man that she shows interest in and that he shows interest back in her. The woman also has 24 hours after a match is generated to send a message, before that match is gone. Such an approach helps eliminate spam and abuse gotten by women on dating apps according to Whitney Wolfe, who is Bumble’s Founder.

Whitney Wolfe is now turning Bumble into more than just a dating app. She recently launched Bumble BFF. This is the Best Friend Finder version of Bumble, which helps people find friends on the dating app. Users swipe each other just like in the dating version, except that they are looking for friends. Bumble BFF works with geolocation technology. This means as you move, your matches will change based on your location.

Richard Shinto Announced New Executives at InnovaCare Heath

In mid 2016, InnovaCare Health expanded its leadership team and added three more executives. According to the CEO and President of the Medicare Advantage organization Dr. Richard Shinto, the three executives are Penelope Kokkinides, Jonathan Meyers and Mike Sortino. InnovaCare, Inc. is a managed healthcare provider specializing in some of the best health plans in Puerto Rico. The organization operates two major healthcare plans; PMC and MMM, whose members base have 200,000 plus individuals. These clients are served by a network of 7,500 plus providers.

The organization also operates two Medicaid plans Government Health Plan sponsored by the Puerto Rican government. InnovaCare is committed to providing quality healthcare services to its members through sustainable, cost-effective and innovative models. The healthcare provider has also integrated advanced technologies in its operations to improve efficiency during service delivery. Visit Penelope’s website at

About Penelope Kokkinides

Kokkinides is one of the executives who were added to the leadership team at InnovaCare Health in 2016. She serves as the CAO/COO and has worked in the industry for over 20 years focusing on government sponsored programs (Medicaid and Medicare). She has broad skills and expertise in creating appropriate clinical programs which can lead to improved efficiencies as well as institutional infrastructure.

Before joining InnovaCare Health, Penelope Kokkinides had worked for Centerlight Healthcare serving as COO and Vice President. She was in charge of overall supervision and provision of strategic plan for the managed care department. The healthcare expert also served as COO at Touchstone Health, in addition to serving as an executive at another healthcare provider, AmeriChoice, an affiliate of UnitedHealth Group.


InnovaCare’s CEO Richard Shinto

Richard Shinto is the current CEO and President of InnovaCare Health, and prior to joining the organization, he was the CEO of Aveta Inc. the medical expert has over two decades of service delivery in the healthcare industry. Dr. Shinto has worked for other healthcare organizations such as NAMM California, Medical Pathways and Cal Optima Health Plan in California. Shinto began his medical career at a healthcare organization in Southern California practicing as an intern and pulmonologist.

The healthcare expert has authored many articles on clinical medicine and healthcare in order to help people manage and improve their overall health. Dr. Shinto attended different universities including University of New York for his medical studies, University of California for B.S., and the University of Redlands for M.B.A. Indeed, his wide experience and expertise in healthcare has made Dr. Shinto who he is today.

Malini Saba’s Big Heart for Women and Children

For Malini Saba, success is the definition of doing what you love and smiling all the way while at it. As the founder of Stree: Global Investment in Women, Ms. Saba has played a big role in empowering women and children for they are the future.

A successful investor

Malini Saba’s interest in investment sparked in her 20s while attending investment business classes for free at the Stanford University Campus. To succeed, she knew she had to surround herself with brilliant minds, a conviction that saw her gate crashing into every investment banking events and absorbing everything she could learn from the tycoons.

Growing wealth

Then the young Saba decided to take action by investing what she has saved in the fields of real estate, stock commodities, and telecommunication. Fast forward to present day, Malini Saba is one of the wealthiest investors living in New York. Coming from a deprived childhood herself, she found her calling in helping underprivileged women and children regain confidence in themselves and their role in society. In fact, this is why she started Spree in 2001 and received an endorsement from the former U.S president, Bill Clinton.

She doesn’t leave needy children behind as she strives to help them find better healthcare as well, a good education, and a safe environment to live in. Her not-for-profit organization runs several projects in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India.

The impact that Spree has had on women and children in underdeveloped regions has to be the greatest milestone for Ms. Saba. On the contrary, she believes the greatest achievement in her life is in raising her daughter. Through her daughter’s eyes, she finally saw why Spree was birthed and got a new motivation to do even more.

Challenges she faced

Malini’s road has not been without challenges because she had Governments from developing countries to deal with while pushing her policies. Regardless, Malini Saba has always stood on what she believes in, and this persistent stubbornness has seen her projects succeed even in areas heavily governed by bureaucratic rules and politics.

Bottom Line

Malini lives by one principle in life; never look at your past with regret but learn from it and surge forward. She doesn’t believe in mixing business with personal life either and has cultivated an inner strength to separate the two even when both sides of the scale don’t balance.


The Inspiring Career Life of Malini Saba

Malini Saba, the founder of Saban, is one of the most remarkable investors, philanthropist and business person from the South side. Her career life kick started in Silicon Valley, back in the 90s. Here she tried investing a number of companies, before she decided to start something of her own. It is then that her biggest investment, Saban, was born. Saban operates in three different regions of the world, specializing in varying business activities. Saban operates in the gas and oil industry in China. The company also has interest in the technology industry in the USA and real estate in India and Asia.

Apart from being a phenomenon businesswoman, Malini Saba is a big philanthropist. Whenever she can, she contributes and donates money to various charities with the hope of creating better societies. In the year 2001, she started Stree: Global Investment in women. The company was inaugurated by Bill Clinton, former president of the USA and Queen Noor. It is aimed at providing easy access, for women and children from low income backgrounds, to health care services and education. It also provides legal empowerment for women in Central America, India, Africa and Eastern Europe.

Malini also made a significant contribution of $ 1 million to El Camino Hospital at Mountain View. The money went towards starting a Research Research Center for the South Asians. This was a year after she had pledged 10 million dollars to victims of the Tsunami that had affected people in Sri Lanka and India.

About Malini Saba

Malini Saba is the chair of Saban, a company that operates in various sectors in three different regions of the world. She was born, raised and studied in Perth. However, upon completing her studies, she moved to the United Sates. She moved there with her former husband and resided in San Francisco. Here she was allowed to live and even take business classes for free at her husband’s school. She took every opportunity to be in conferences where investors attended.

In the over 25 years of business, Saba has excelled through conducting through market trends and projecting on future trends then capitalizing on them.