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Academy of Art University and New York Fashion Week

Fashion Designers become famous during New York Fashion Week through their unique and fascinating designs that are displayed during that time. Every so often a new gem is discovered during the social event. The last 21 shows have resulted in that. It has been a stunning last 21 seasons.


The Academy of Art University at the New York Fashion Week celebrated that 21st season this past September 9th, 2017. It was hosted at Skylight Clarkson Square. This central location for fashion discovery displayed ten newcomers who stunned the audience. Each person had their own unique touch on a common theme that season. While this is not always the way the week is approached, this one had a theme that was a smashing hit with those in attendance. The diversity was wonderful and the collections were a nice contribution to this year’s show.


Some guests in attendance are listed here below.


– Mrs. J Alexander from America’s Next Model

– Sara Kozlowski who is the Director of Education at CFDA

– Jayne Foster, who is the acting Graduate Director of Fashion for the school.


The show consisted of career mentors and students there in the show and those watching live over the Internet. Some of the styles included at the event were amazing combinations of some of the basic parts of a wardrobe.


– Outerwear

– Dresses

– Separates


The graduate showcase was chosen for the CFDA Elaine Gold LaunchPad. All types of varied mediums were used for the new creations. It was a delight to the senses. The Academy of Art University, which was once called the Academy of Art College, offers this each year. It’s a way for students to gain insight on what they have created and make adjustments as they wish. It’s also a way that many people are discovered, as it were.


Kate Hudson Introduces Reverse Show Room for Fabletics Success



Branding is an essential tool in acquiring competitive advantage in the market. Normally, well-established brands have large mark market shares be it online or in physical stores. For new brands entering the market, competition is usually tough because the existing brands have huge market shares and shelf space. For such brands, it is essential to plan and strategize new entry schemes. The result according to this aim is attracting new clients instead of competing with the already existing brands.




In the industry of fashion, most consumers prefer brands they can quickly identify with. Such brands border lifestyle choices, body size, and shape depending on a customer. This personalized preference toughens the entry of other brands in the market. It, therefore, means that for new brands to penetrate the market and poach clients, the management must come up with revolutionary strategies. The brand promoters must invest in innovative, strategic planning for strong pitching. This is what Kate Hudson, the co-founder of Fabletics, invested in. The result was a remarkable growth of the product on Amazon.




The evolution of information technology has contributed to revolutionizing methodologies geared towards marketing brands. From design to market research, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has grown to a multi-billion business over the past few years. Fabletics has embraced technology through establishing new high-value brands that most companies have not been able to establish. The company has managed to successfully synchronize physical showrooms and stores, online stores and top notch clothing brands at affordable prices.


Reverse Showrooms


The reverse showroom technique is linked to their ability to stock brands that meet client demands according to tailored preferences and tastes. Additionally, Fabletics has added an online shopping platform. Membership is based on monthly subscription. This platform enables customers to invest in their preferred brands. On the other side, it gives the management a chance to gather and analyze data on most researched products online. The result allows Fabletics to produce more or less of the products depending on demand. The same effect also enables them to familiarize themselves with client preference before production. The results on researched products play a significant role in the manufacture.




To Fabletics, every client has differentiated needs. It, therefore, means that it is important for clients to get exactly what they need from physical stores. Fabletics ensures this by readily availing the ordered products in the stores. The stores are tailored to reflect the client’s tastes and demands. This feature includes client’s culture and lifestyle. With such convenience, all consumers can get the offer at a monthly affordable price of $50. This is termed as the subscription fee. The package comes with an additional discount on brands depending on the season of purchase. This package is an additional discount to in store credit used to buy commodities.


About Fabletics


Fabletics is a clothing brand majoring in the production of comfortable, stylish sportswear made to promote healthy lifestyles in women. According to reviews by the blogger for A Foodie Stays Fit, Fabletics synchronizes fashion, style and health to promote the wellbeing of women across the world.

Challenge for Amazon, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Rising

About twenty-five percent of the fashion sector in e-commerce belongs to Amazon. It means Amazon’s position is very strong, but there is something new. Kate Hudson has introduced Fabletics which can change the scene. Just in last three years, it has evolved into a business worth of Two-hundred-and-fifty million dollars. Activewear and subscription mechanic is the reason behind its popularity. The company has combined customer’s brand and his membership.

Just a few years ago, quality and price used to define high-value brands. Such strategies will not affect people after a few years. There are new factors which make the difference such as brand recognition, last-mile service, gamification elements, and customer experience. Fashion brand membership is making Fabletics as successful as Warby Parker and Apple. At the moment, the company has outlets in California, Florida, Illinois, and Hawaii. Soon Fabletics will announce its sixteenth store. According to the General Manager of Fabletics, the company is working on the high-value brand from day one. He added that Fabletics’ membership enables the company to offer many things to the clients at a half price. People are easy to understand if they know what they want.

Other businesses failed because people did not choose to buy products from them after exploring their showrooms. People chose to buy those products from other places where they were cheap. Fabletics introduced a totally opposite strategy which was transforming browsing into something positive. Instead of going after pop-up store, the company built relationships with customers and wanted the customer to rely on them. To do this, they decided to understand the local market through events and activities. This idea was a huge success. Over fifty percent of the people entering Fabletic’s stores were members, and a quarter more of them become members inside the store. An article goes into the customer’s cell phone when he is trying it. The company thinks whether or not the customer buys the products; the retail should be another form of service.

To make sure customers get the correct physical and digital information, Fabletics has taken different steps to do that. It is human nature to prefer businesses that show the totally correct information of different things. Online data is very helpful to decide what to keep at the store as trends keep changing very often. The online data is also very helpful for deciding what to keep at stores. This information is collected from a source of real-time sales activity, and heat mapping.

The SVP operations of Fabletics Distom Netral said that shipping is very important, but building a fashion brand requires user preferences and international fashion trends. He said that his company continuously add new ranges and conduct tricky tests for success. Despite many challenges, the customer friendly strategies are helping customers the most.

TechStyle Corporate Marketing Officer Shawn Gold said that their brand is enjoying over thirty percent of the growth every year. There are many reasons for this high growth which include creative teams, good quality, in-house media, a talented spokesperson, and excellent price. Fabletics is expanding to many countries now due to data science and return on investment.