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Getting Help with Business Marketing

Whether it involves sales or retail merchandising, it is always a good idea to work with professionals who can help when you own your own business. This is why so many people are making the choice to hire the True Value company for its sales and retail merchandising professionalism. The owner of the company is known as Kenneth Goodgame and he has worked with lots of people on their own company needs so that they can feel confident in the fact that their retail type business is doing well in the market. This is why you might want to consider working with this professional as well for your own marketing needs.

When you choose to hire an expert like this, you are doing something that is going to benefit you and your business as well. Kenneth Goodgame has worked with some of the top businesses in the industry and has helped them with both merchandising and sales so that everything is done in as professional a manner as possible. The fact that you were hiring a professional who is specific to retail merchandising and marketing makes it easy for you to avoid doing this yourself. Many people do not know the first thing about marketing when it comes to their business and so they may avoid doing it all together and then find that they do not get the client flow that they need to keep afloat.

You can find more about Goodgame on social media sites whether this is Facebook or Twitter. You can like many of his pages and see what he is up to it his own life and for his own business as well. There are so many business owners who are making use of the True Value company as well as Kenneth Goodgame for his own knowledge and experience in this field. Be sure to contact the offices of the True Value company so that you can speak to Kenneth Goodgame himself about hiring him for his sales needs.

All you Need to Know About Eric Pulier

Eric Pulier is a well –known businessman who is based in the US. Pulier is also a respected author and philanthropist too. The businessman was born in New Jersey in the United States. He is believed to have financed or co-founded some of the most popular and successful venture capitalist companies in the globe.

Eric Pulier has a special interest in computers. He actually started programming computer when he was very young. Before completing his high school education, Eric Pulier managed to start a database computer company with the help of his parents. When he was done with school, he went to the Harvard University to study American Literature and English. He studied hard and managed to finally graduate in the year 1988. After leaving Harvard University, Eric Pulier became an editor. As an editor, Pulier wrote a column in the Harvard Crimson.

Eric Pulier relocated to Los Angeles in 1991. In Los Angeles, he started his own company, popularly referred to as People Doing Things. The company did quite well, specializing mostly in matters of healthcare and education. After sometime, he formed an interaction agency called Digital Evolution.

The businessman is believed to have played a major role in creating Starbright World. Starbright World is a private social network that is very popular, and it mostly specializes with kids who have proven to be chronically ill. Starbright World enables young people who are terminally ill to chat, blog, post important content and even meet other children who are similar to them. The site has been very helpful in ensuring that the children are live happy lives.

In the year 1997, Pulier was lucky to be nominated to execute and create a presidential Technology Exhibition by the US Presidential Inaugural Committee.

Eric Pulier is very active in philanthropic activities, earning him the respect of many. For many years, the businessman has contributed large amounts of money to support noble causes in the world.

About Diversant and John Goullet

Diversant is proud to be a minority-owned business that offers a large variety of staffing and diversity solutions within the information technology sector. Some of Diversant’s services include direct hire, IT staff augmentation and diversity solutions. Diversant is a fully certified Minority Owned Business Enterprise (MBE) and the largest IT staffing company in the United States. Diversant prides itself on its consultative approach with clients, aiming to understand and develop solutions that meet their unique needs. Diversity is also a hallmark of Diversant’s operating philosophy: The company firmly believes that cultivating diversity is the right way to do business, and has created a number of solutions for its clients that aim to cultivate diversity in the workplace.

John began his career as an IT consultant and then as an IT staffing account executive. In 1994, John started his own business, founding Info Technologies, which specialized in providing IT staffing solutions to Fortune 500 companies across the nation. The company grew quickly and enjoyed substantial success, with Inc. Magazine naming the firm as one of the 500 fastest-growing, private U.S. companies.

In 2010, John merged Info Technologies with Diversant Inc., to form Diversant LLC. The merger allows both companies to leverage their strengths while entering new markets and offering new services.

John received his college degree from Ursinus College and worked at a number of IT firms in New Jersey early in his career.

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James Dondero’s Philanthropic actions

James Dondero, currently residing in Dallas, TX is the president and co-founder of Highland Capital Management, L.P (HCM). Mr. Dondero has been a key player in the credit and equity markets for the past 30 years where he garnered experience and strategies that focus on high-yields productions using less stressful investment strategies.

James Dondero is also an active philanthropist as demonstrated in his support towards veteran’s affairs, education and public policies. He is the chairman of Cornerstone Healthcare, Nexbank, and CCS Medical; and also serves in MGM studios and American Banknote as a board member. Prior to his career at HCM, Mr. Dondero, as Managing Director, helped to raise GIC subsidiary of Protective Life from inception to its current worth of $2B in AUM within a duration of four years.

Recently, Dondero has teamed up with Linda Owen, former president of the renowned Woodall Rodgers park foundation, to analyze the best options to further expand the highland’s philanthropic activities. The strategies employed should be charitable and compassionate.

Owen will be responsible for managing the firm’s charity department in collaboration with the Dallas Foundation, responsible for administering Highland’s dedicated charity kit.

As philanthropic activities and conferences continue to expand worldwide, a professional in public-private partnerships with similar ideas as the management is required. Linda befits the description as proven by her success records in establishing effective public- private companies and partnerships.

Highland maintains an annual charity contribution of over $3 through The Dallas Foundation to sustain the charitable organizations. The local benefits as a result of these contributions include the George W. Bush Presidential museum and Library, Snowbell Express, brain Health, the Perot Museum of science, Heart Association, Uplift education among others. James together with his team of professionals provide guidance to these firms through board meetings and leadership roles.