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For Dr. Saad Saad using his inventiveness to make a difference in the lives of his patients and the medical world has been a real accomplishment for this retired surgeon.

Dr. Saad Saad, is a retired physician, pediatric surgeon, and inventor who has made a profound impact on the world in many positive ways. Indeed, Dr. Saad Saad has had a stellar career as both a General Surgeon and a Pediatric Surgeon during his 40 plus years in medical practice.


Saad is in a top tier for physicians who practiced in the U.S. Dr. Saad Saad was recognized by the prestigious American Board of Surgery. Dr. Saad Saad is a retired physician who has done the bulk of his medical work as a surgeon in New Jersey after having lived in Saudi Arabia for almost five years. Dr. Saad Saad has brought innovation as one element of medical expertise to the field of medicine.


Over the years, Dr. Saad Saad has been licensed to do medicine in both Iowa and New Jersey. Saad has been connected to a lot of different hospitals and medical centers in New Jersey like the University Medical Center, Monmouth Medical Center, Long Branch Campus. For many years, Dr. Saad Saad did his medical practice in Eatontown, New Jersey.


Dr. Saad Sasd’s impressive skills and the ability to speak fluently in both Arabic and English, the Saudi Royal Family, Palestinian leaders, fellow doctors and humanitarian groups have called on Dr. Saad Saad to perform his specialized surgery.


Because of Dr. Saad Saad’s kindness and generosity, he agreed to perform many pro bono surgeries on youth in not only the West Bank and Arab countries but in New Jersey. Many Arab children who were suffering from extreme gun wounds from conflicts in the Middle East were special cases who needed more advanced surgery done at hospitals in New Jersey. Dr. Saad Saad had the skills necessary to perform many complicated operations on these Arab children in the U.S. and save these children’s lives. He agreed to a partnership with the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund (PCRF).


Saad was initially contacted by the PCRF in 2002 to help. Since then, he has done many humane things by assisting children in from Palestine who had extensive gunshot wounds and needed his expertise to finish the surgery correctly by applying some advanced techniques.


Saad also went to Palestine that was part of eight medical missions. The PCRF asked that Dr. Saad Saad apply his surgical expertise to situations in these countries where his impressive medical skills could help underprivileged families and children. Moreover, many of these children could not afford to have advanced surgery done on them.


During his stay in Arab nations, Dr. Saad decided that he would pass down many advanced surgical skills that he had learned to younger Palestinian surgeons who had chosen to specialize in pediatric surgery. Learn more:

Jeunesse: Experience Youth in a Way You Never Have Before

Jeunesse is an incredibly unique line of skincare products and supplements that are specifically designed to help promote youthfulness, both inside and outside. The line is created of products that are meant to work together in order to bring about this youthfulness. Each one complements the next and, when used together, the results are incredible. The line was created by Randy Ray and Wendy Lewis, who came together because they saw the incredible results that the products generated and wanted to both share the information with people throughout the world and to create more products that complemented the existing ones.

The products offered by Jeunesse are unlike any others available on the market today. There are thousands of Jeunesse representatives all over the world that work diligently to share the knowledge of the benefits of Jeunesse products.

One of the most popular lines of Jeunesse products is the nine-step Y.E.S (Youth Enhancement Solution) System. This system is revolutionary. It has nine items that vary from skincare to vitamin supplements to makeup, all designed to work together simultaneously to promote a look and feel of youthfulness that is unlike anything available on the health and beauty markets.

There are nine incredible products in the Y.E.S. System. One is called Instantly Ageless. It works in just two minutes to get rid of fine lines and wrinkles. It also helps pores to look smaller and to get rid of circles and puffiness under the eyes. Everyone is looking for results and Instantly Ageless provides those results in just two minutes. There are also great supplements in the line, such as ZEN BODI. This product works to accomplish three things that help you to get fit: burning more fat, building more muscle and to decrease appetite. There are also a variety of other items designed to help you live your overall best life and gain youthfulness. For example, the line includes Nevo. This is a all-natural energy drink that is made up of real fruit juices and contains to artificial sweeteners of flavors. The line even extends to makeup with the product called NV that contains a nourishing foundation and primer.

Shafik Sachedina Is Highly Dedicated To Supporting Ismaili Community

Shafik Sachedina was born in Tanzania in 1950 and later moved to England where he settled. He is a qualified dental surgeon who got his credentials at the dental school of the University of London.

Shafik is highly respected and a prominent person especially by the Ismaili communities. He serves as the head of departments of Jamati Institution. Shafik remains actively involved in the Ismaili activities as he is also in charge of coordinating activities and programs in the community. He plays a significant role in interfacing members of Ismaili communities with Aga Khan Development Network Programs.

As a result of his involvement in Ismaili community, he is an acclaimed philanthropist with a history of voluntary service that is meant to enhance the society. He is involved in nonprofits activities across the whole world and collaborates with various Muslim organizations to ensure smooth flow of their goals.

Shafik Sachedina aims to spread the knowledge and history of Muslim community and Ismaili to reach all the community members. He holds several positions in Ismaili community where he serves voluntarily including serving as the president of Ismaili Council for the United Kingdom.

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Other than dedicating his life to the Ismaili community, he also serves as a joint chairman of Sussex Healthcare. Sussex Healthcare is the leading and an award-winning organization that offers its services to the aged people. Shafik played a significant role in expanding the healthcare to a 23 home network which comes with a state of the art gym as well as a daycare facility. The gym has personalized assessments with exercise plans for the clients.

Shafik and his partner have created a vibrant facility since 1985 when it was established. The company offers the best health care in Sussex, and hence, it is a success. Sussex also believes in enabling its clients to remain active both in mind and body to enhance mental acuity and physical abilities. Shafik thrives by expanding Sussex healthcare to reach as many people as possible, as it is his way of improving their lives. With the aid of his skills and expertise, the company has experienced continued growth as Shafik believes that the life being lived in the healthcare is a life worth living.

Shafik Sachedina is therefore portrayed as skillful, and he is known to be a kind man. His philanthropist side is well illustrated in his endeavors to reach out to the Ismaili communities across the globe.

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Jeremy Goldstein has a Better Option for Stock Options

In the past years, companies have opted out of using stock options as an employee compensation docket. While some of these companies fear the disadvantages attached to issuing stock options, it is evident that there are in fact, other companies that prefer issuing stock options. However, according to one famous practicing lawyer Jeremy Goldstein, it does not always have to be that complicated as there are other options. But first, let us look at the advantages and disadvantages of issuing stock options.



Supposing the value of the stock options declines, there will be issues as employees will not be able to sell their stock options. Therefore, this will be regarded as loss. Moreover, the report on losses must be presented to various stake holders. These stake holders will in turn, suffer the consequences of devalued stock options. Evidently, this is not a pleasing scenario and no corporation wants to experience this ordeal.


Another disadvantage of issuing stock options is the accountants having to keep track of the numbers. This is in light of how busy trading in such derivatives can be. Typically, accountants dislike this fact and this discourages companies from using stock options.


The third and last disadvantage is the fact that employees dislike stock options especially if it is meant to reward their input in the company. Consequently, today’s workers are relatively smart and understand the fact that the economy dictates the value of stock options. In such instances, in case the economy crashes, employees will register tremendous loss.



From the disadvantages, it is easy to decipher the advantages and the value of using stock options.

For starters, stock options have improved benefits especially if employees receive them instead of extra wages. An additional reason is the fact that executive employees already know how stock options work. Therefore, they know the benefits.

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Also, with stock options, earnings increase. This solely happens when the value of the business escalates as well. Relatively, employees begin to embrace their jobs by demonstrating high levels of concentration.


In the words of Jeremy Goldstein however, stock options can be replaced with knockout options because knockout options accrue less taxes. At the same time, they have increased benefits compared to stock options.


The Overview

Jeremy Goldstein is a qualified legal expert who owns an independent law firm in New York. He uses this law firm to offer legal advice to corporations and businesses. Goldstein has vast experience in business management having worked in Bank of America Corporation and Goldman Sachs. Learn more:

Brazilian Businessmen Roberto Santiago & Manaira Shopping Center

The Career History & Background of Roberto Santiago

In the entire history of Brazilian business and entrepreneurs, there have been plenty of successful individuals year in and year out. In reality, Brazilian business is one of the largest and most successful so, it may come as no surprise that some of the most successful businessmen are from the country. With all of that said, perhaps none have been as impactful and as influential to Brazilian Business as has Roberto Santiago. For Roberto Santiago, his brilliant tactics and vast knowledge of business has helped him become one of the most accomplished individuals in the entire country of Brazil. Needless to say, this is saying a lot about Roberto Santiago as a professional and an individual. When we consider the amount of dedication and commitment that it takes to succeed in business, it truly is amazing to discuss Roberto Santiago and his career accomplishments. Not to mention the sacrifices and competitiveness of Brazilian business as well, and it is no surprise to see how much Roberto Santiago has accomplished in an environment such as that. In many ways, Roberto Santiago is the pinnacle of a successful businessman for not just Brazil, but for many parts of the world. To further drive this point, Roberto Santiago is the standard of the prominence of business in Brazil. With all of that said, there are obviously many other factors that have helped Roberto Santiago reach the highly-regarded position he has today. So, to get a better sense of what he does and how he has managed to achieve so much, here is more on Roberto Santiago and just one of his many successful career ventures.


More on Roberto Santiago & Manaira Shopping Center

Worth repeating, there are many ways that Roberto Santiago has accomplished so much in his career. Showing his brilliant business skills, Roberto Santiago has diversified his portfolio in too many different areas of business. However, perhaps his most recognized contribution in his career is that of the Manaira Shopping Center. As a significant figurehead in all of Brazil, Roberto Santiago has made it a priority to meet the needs of Brazilian civilians. This is one of the many reasons he has given back to communities in Brazil by establishing shopping centers. His main center, which is that of the Manaira Shopping Center, has greatly benefited Brazilian communities and civilians in many different ways. By providing a boost to the economy and the workforce in Brazil, as well as many other benefits, Roberto Santiago and the Manaira Shopping Center have been a true blessing to the whole country. This just goes to show how amazing Roberto Santiago is not just as a businessman but, as a kind-hearted man as well.


Sheldon Lavin Is The CEO Of The OSI Group

Sheldon Lavin is a businessman and entrepreneur who made his name in the meat and food processing industry. He is currently the Chief Executive Officer of the OSI Group, which is a Chicago based food processing company. Sheldon Lavin began his career in food processing shortly after graduating from college with a degree in finance. He was involved with finding financing for Otis & Sons. Sheldon Lavin credits this deal for starting him in the business. Otis & Sons went onto become the OSI Group.

Sheldon Lavin has been able to grow OSI Group into a major food supplier. The OSI group currently has sixty-five processing plants, and it does business in seventeen countries. The OSI Group is currently involved in aggressively expanding its business into Easter Europe and East Asia.

Sheldon Lavin made several major deals to expand the OSI Group’s business. One of these was signing a deal to provide McDonald’s with food products. This was early in McDonald’s rise to global ubiquity, and the deal allowed the OSI Group to grow with McDonald’s. The OSI Group went onto provide food products to KFC and Wendy’s. Recently, the OSI Group has been involved with providing large amounts of food products to American fast food chains as they expand into the Asian market.

Sheldon Lavin uses several different methods to build his company. He is skilled at finding financing for his ventures. This is important in the food processing industry as the cost of processing plants is huge. Sheldon Lavin is skilled at keeping track of his company’s supply chain. This allows him to respond to such things as supply shortages or price swings faster than the competition. This allows his company to stay competitive while still letting the OSI Group to provide its clients with a dependable supply of food.  Sheldon Lavin, Chairman And CEO Of OSI Group, LLC

Sheldon Lavin’s tireless work resulted in him receiving the Global Visionary Award in 2016. This award is given out to businessmen with major accomplishments in a variety of fields. Sheldon Lavin Continues Global Expansion of OSI Group With Commitment To Green Innovations

The Global Visionary Award was given to Sheldon Lavin for his ability to turn the ISO Group into multi-billion dollar company. Sheldon Lavin has a long history of donating generously to charities. His relationship with McDonald’s has resulted in him donating large sums of money to the charities associated with the Ronald McDonald’s House. Sheldon Lavin sits as on the board of the Northeast Band and the Sheba Foundation. OSI’s Sheldon Lavin Receives Global Visionary Award

Rocketship Education: Three Pillars.

Rocketship Education is an online public school that is located in four major cities. The cities are San Francisco, Milwaukee, Nashville, and Washington DC. The main goal of Rocketship Education is to give each child the best education they can receive whether it is on campus or online learning. Rocketship Education is changing the way students can learn. Each child feels valued and the curriculum helps each child find their particular strengths. Rocketship Education believes that every child should have a chance to dream of a better future for themselves. Here are the three pillars of Rocketship Education and why they are important.

The first pillar that Rocketship believes in is personalized learning. Personalized learning allows each child in the class or online forum to go at their own pace when it comes to school work. It also allows students to excel in what they are really good at and gives them a helping hand on subjects they are weak on. The process of learning is centered on the individual child and what they can achieve.

The second pillar that Rocketship Education focuses on is talent development. Some kids are good at studies and other kids are good at sports. Rocketship takes these children and helps develop them in all areas of academic and social situations. The faculty at Rocketship Education want every child to be as well rounded as possible. Being well rounded is a good way to become a success in life beyond a child’s school years.

The third pillar that makes Rocketship Education stand out is parent power. Rocketship Education believes in working with parents to make sure that they know how their child is doing in school. Rocketship wants to make sure that they live up to a parent’s expectations and if they do not the parent will hold the school responsible.

When parents, kids, and administrators work together only the best ideals can come to the surface. Rocketship Education is an example of the education of the future. When a child succeeds Rocketship succeeds. That is the highest achievement that the school can hope to receive.

CEO Preston Smith Talks About What He’s Learned Heading Up Rocketship Education

As a co-founder and chief executive officer of Rocketship Education, Preston Smith says that he’s learned some valuable lessons over the past several years. He says that his organization remains a work in progress as they learn the best ways to help their students and broader communities in which his schools are located.

The biggest lesson Preston Smith says he has learned is that it’s the child’s home that is a huge part of serving students. Due to this every year the student’s teacher makes an annual visit to their home. This helps to develop a deeper relationship between Rocketship Education’s staff and the parent’s of students.

Preston Smith says that while many interested parties think his school should educate children K-12 there’s a good reason they stop at 5th grade. He says the main reason they do this is that they want the student’s and their parents to push public schools after grade to make improvements. He also thinks it would undermine his organization’s mission to teach students all the way through 12th grade because they wouldn’t realistically be able to engage with parents as much as they presently do if they went that route.

Another lesson Preston Smith says he learned is that the actions you take really do say more about you than what you say. When he co-founded Rocketship Education 10 years ago he didn’t have children yet. Now that he has two he has chosen to have them attend a Rocketship Education school. First, he wanted them to attend a really good school. Second, he says he couldn’t very well send them to another school because that would look hypocritical.

Rocketship Education is known for personalized learning. This involves using technology to teach children as well as plenty of teacher-led instruction. It is a charter school system with its headquarters in Redwood City, California. It is operated on a nonprofit basis and their goal is to close the achievement gap that exists between students that come from lower income households as compared to higher income households. They heavily involve parents and help them become advocates for their child’s educational needs.

Pursing Foodservice Greatness: OSI Group

Eating and foodservices go hand-to-hand. Without these valuable services, the world could potentially come to a complete stop. Just about every kind of business depends on foodservices and there are quite a few to choose from. A really good food provider can offer multiple services instead of just one service. A good food provider is dependable and is ethical. A good food provider is actually known as OSI Group, and it has been providing high-quality services for decades and decades. OSI Group was founded by Otto Kolschowski in the early 1900s, and it has manifested into a global foodservice powerhouse. Its motto, “a world of solutions,” is being personified on a daily basis to the highest degree. The company has unparalleled reach as well as unparalleled resources. The company also has a solid reputation as well as a resume of success.

If you’re a food retailor, this company can help you create an all-new product that is unique to anything else that’s on the current market. OSI Group has a team of specialists that understand global food solutions as well as real-world cuisines. Your personal input will always be taken into consideration for each and every custom product and that’s a guaranteed fact. OSI’s global presence around the world is rather immense because it has top-notch facilities and factories in numerous countries. This includes the nations of:

  • Hungary
  • Germany
  • India
  • Ukraine
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Brazil
  • Japan
  • And others

Back in 2016, the company acquired one of Tyson Foods’ plants for $7.4 million. This exact plant is located in Chicago, which is only miles away from the company’s other Chicago-plant locations. CEO Sheldon Lavin has a clear-cut vision of where he thinks the company should be. As each year passes, OSI is getting closer and closer to meeting that quota. Actions definitely speak lauder than words and all you have to do is to look at the company’s impressive track-record. In conclusion, OSI Group has set the bar mighty high, and it will continue to pursue foodservice greatness.

Academy of Art University and New York Fashion Week

Fashion Designers become famous during New York Fashion Week through their unique and fascinating designs that are displayed during that time. Every so often a new gem is discovered during the social event. The last 21 shows have resulted in that. It has been a stunning last 21 seasons.


The Academy of Art University at the New York Fashion Week celebrated that 21st season this past September 9th, 2017. It was hosted at Skylight Clarkson Square. This central location for fashion discovery displayed ten newcomers who stunned the audience. Each person had their own unique touch on a common theme that season. While this is not always the way the week is approached, this one had a theme that was a smashing hit with those in attendance. The diversity was wonderful and the collections were a nice contribution to this year’s show.


Some guests in attendance are listed here below.


– Mrs. J Alexander from America’s Next Model

– Sara Kozlowski who is the Director of Education at CFDA

– Jayne Foster, who is the acting Graduate Director of Fashion for the school.


The show consisted of career mentors and students there in the show and those watching live over the Internet. Some of the styles included at the event were amazing combinations of some of the basic parts of a wardrobe.


– Outerwear

– Dresses

– Separates


The graduate showcase was chosen for the CFDA Elaine Gold LaunchPad. All types of varied mediums were used for the new creations. It was a delight to the senses. The Academy of Art University, which was once called the Academy of Art College, offers this each year. It’s a way for students to gain insight on what they have created and make adjustments as they wish. It’s also a way that many people are discovered, as it were.