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Squaw Valley Handles the Water

In Olympic Valley California on November 8 2016, a report was made to the Placer County Department of health in regards to E. coli and coliform bacteria being present in the drinking water of Squaw Valley’s upper mountain. On Wednesday, November 30, a statement was released regarding the water quality at Squaw Valley upper mountain by Liesl Kenney, a Public Relations Director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows. There had been an overwhelming abundance of water that flooded the upgraded water system which was installed over the summer at Squaw Valley’s High Camp and Gold Coast, and routine testing found that E. Coli and coliform bacteria were present. Placer County Environmental Health and the Squaw Valley Public Service District were contacted immediately after the issue was found.


Since the report was made, there have been procedures done to ensure that the drinking water at Squaw Valley has been cleared of the bacteria. According to Wesley Nicks, the director of Placer County Environmental Health, three out of the four wells that serve the upper mountain have been showing no E. Coli present and low levels of coliform. At Squaw Valley, the safety of their customers is high priority, and they have been taking the appropriate measures to ensure their safety.


Guests at Squaw Valley’s High Camp and Gold coast are prohibited from drinking the water, and all restaurants are closed. However, the facilities are all open to include top-to-bottom skiing, and free bottled drinking water is provided until the issue is fully resolved. Currently, there have been no health issues reported.


Why Choose Securus Technologies To Communicate?

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After Water Contamination, Squaw Valley Gives Official Statement

Squaw Valley has issued an official statement in regards to the news that the coliform and E. coli was detected in the drinking water at the upper mountain section of the resort.


Since the issue was reported, the water has been consistently treated and is improving. Three of the four wells that provide water to the upper mountain are showing no E. coli and low levels of coliform, according to Wesley Nick, the director of Placer County Environmental Health.


Restaurants at the upper mountain remain closed, and skiers are not permitted to drink any of the water from the tap until the issue is completely resolved. No health issues have been reported, and top-to-bottom skiing is still allowed.


Liesl Kenney, the public relations director for Squaw Valley Alpine Meadows, provided the full statement on behalf of the resort. She confirmed that a heavy rainstorm affected the water systems at Squaw Valley, particularly at Gold Coast and High Camp. Kenney also states that contaminated water was never offered to the public.


Kenney asserts that after routine testing, the water contamination was discovered and Squaw Valley contacted Placer County Environmental Health and Squaw Valley Public Service District. Squaw Valley also moved right away to consult with other water safety experts and have taken immediate steps to address the issue. The water will continue to be treated until the issue is fully resolved. Once it is deemed that the water is safe, High Camp and Gold Coast guests will be able to access the water again.




Bernado Chua Is Committed To Educating People About Ganoderma

Philippines native Bernardo Chua is a seasoned veteran in the multi-level marketing industry. He started his career as an executive with a company called Gano Excel. Within three years of working with the company he was able to expand their operations to Hong Kong, the United States and Canada.

He moved to California and was named Gano Excel U.S.A.’s president. The company marketed teas, coffees, capsules and other products infused with the ganoderma mushroom. These products were a big hit and Chua created a large, effective network of marketing agents to make them available to consumers.

PR News Wire revealed that Bernaado Chua had learned about the use of the ganoderma mushroom from his Chinese grandparents. The plant has been prized throughout Asia for centuries because of its perceived medical properties. Chua had always dreamed about making as many people as possible aware of the powers ganoderma possessed. Working with Gano Excel gave him an opportunity to do just that. In 2008 Chua founded his own company. It was called ORGANO GOLD. He also marked the ganoderma infused products under the brand name Coffee Connoisseur.

With ORGANO GOLD he had the perfect vehicle to market a range of nutritious bioactive coffee products that contain Ganoderma lucidum taken from the lingzhi mushroom. Using the vast marketing network he had created Bernardo Chua offered the products to a rapidly growing customer base.

The products were good-tasting, affordably priced and very effective. Marketing the ganoderma infused consumables has provided lucrative opportunities for a growing number of ORGANO GOLD independent distributers. In 2015 Chua changed the name of his company to ORGANO.

But selling the products was not enough for Chua. It is important to him to educate the sales staff and consumers about the benefits and methods for using ganoderma. He also works with organic farmers to ensure his products contain the highest quality ganoderma possible. He also sponsors extensive research on the ganoderma mushroom.

It is a gift that was given to him by his grandparents with which he has been able to help countless people to improve the quality of their lives by ingesting this powerful mushroom.

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Choosing A Reputable Source of Business Courses: What Sets VTA Publications Apart

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Crash Course in Litigation Featuring Karl Heideck

Contact Karl Heideck

For help with a lawsuit, contact litigation attorney Karl Heideck

If you’ve ever found yourself on the wrong side of the law, you probably know what litigation entails and the (rough) details of what a litigator does. If you’re like the rest of us and you haven’t found yourself embroiled in a lawsuit, you probably don’t know all that much about the process. You might think that television shows such as Law and Order are a good gauge of the work, but real litigation is a lot less glamorous.

Litigation is the process of legal action being taken against one party by another. There are many different phases of litigation, including an initial investigation into the case by the litigator, the creation of a draft of pleadings, and the discovery process which involves the parties communicating between each other and sharing information pertinent to the trial. Once the discovery process is wrapped up, the real work begins in the courtroom, and there’s always the chance for an appeal–if the settlement of the trial isn’t what a litigator expected or wanted, this process can be put into place to try to amend the trial and work towards a more favorable outcome.

Litigation Featuring Karl Heideck

Litigation Featuring Karl Heideck

The path to becoming a litigator isn’t just a simple four year degree. After attaining a bachelor’s degree from an accredited university, an aspiring litigator must prepare for and take the LSATs, a pre-entry test required by law schools to ensure an applicant’s suitability. After being admitted to a law school, a full-time workload for the aspiring litigator translates to three more years of schooling, or a full seven if you account for all of the required undergraduate studies. Of course, schooling is only the beginning; getting licensed and finding employment is a whole other can of worms and oftentimes young litigators are hired on as assistants to more senior lawyers who intend to pass on their knowledge and experience.

In the metropolitan Philadelphia area there are no shortage of litigators, but a rising star in the area is making his mark and building his brand. Karl Heideck, a litigator who specializes in litigation, compliance, and risk-management, is this rising star. Not only is Karl Heideck a successful attorney who has been licensed for eight years, also assures viewers that he is in good standing.

According to Crunchbase, Karl Heideck started his education at Swarthmore College where he studied English Language. After his undergrad studies, he moved on to Temple University’s Beasley School of Law. Karl Heideck now works as a contract attorney for Hire Counsel, and his blog can be found here.