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Malini Saba’s Big Heart for Women and Children

For Malini Saba, success is the definition of doing what you love and smiling all the way while at it. As the founder of Stree: Global Investment in Women, Ms. Saba has played a big role in empowering women and children for they are the future.

A successful investor

Malini Saba’s interest in investment sparked in her 20s while attending investment business classes for free at the Stanford University Campus. To succeed, she knew she had to surround herself with brilliant minds, a conviction that saw her gate crashing into every investment banking events and absorbing everything she could learn from the tycoons.

Growing wealth

Then the young Saba decided to take action by investing what she has saved in the fields of real estate, stock commodities, and telecommunication. Fast forward to present day, Malini Saba is one of the wealthiest investors living in New York. Coming from a deprived childhood herself, she found her calling in helping underprivileged women and children regain confidence in themselves and their role in society. In fact, this is why she started Spree in 2001 and received an endorsement from the former U.S president, Bill Clinton.

She doesn’t leave needy children behind as she strives to help them find better healthcare as well, a good education, and a safe environment to live in. Her not-for-profit organization runs several projects in Africa, Central America, Eastern Europe and India.

The impact that Spree has had on women and children in underdeveloped regions has to be the greatest milestone for Ms. Saba. On the contrary, she believes the greatest achievement in her life is in raising her daughter. Through her daughter’s eyes, she finally saw why Spree was birthed and got a new motivation to do even more.

Challenges she faced

Malini’s road has not been without challenges because she had Governments from developing countries to deal with while pushing her policies. Regardless, Malini Saba has always stood on what she believes in, and this persistent stubbornness has seen her projects succeed even in areas heavily governed by bureaucratic rules and politics.

Bottom Line

Malini lives by one principle in life; never look at your past with regret but learn from it and surge forward. She doesn’t believe in mixing business with personal life either and has cultivated an inner strength to separate the two even when both sides of the scale don’t balance.


Join As A Magnises Member To Enjoy The Benefits That Come With Membership

The Magnises membership is so tied into social media and to the younger generation that many millennials have chosen to join as a member. It’s not just because some people think that having a membership to Magnises is cool why they have joined but also because of the great benefits that they will be able to receive as well as being able to get into formerly forbidden places. With so many exclusive events on Twitter that take place all the time, cities like New York will always have events that are off-limits to anyone who is not on a list.

One way to get on that sacred list is by having a Magnises membership, which may not only permit the card holder to get into the event but also to get discounts on items they may purchase. Even ticket discounts to concerts, better seats at sports events, bulk ticket pricing for events, and passes to nightclubs as well as discounts to hotels are all available once a person chooses to get a Magnises membership. Along with getting an incredible amount of benefits, the Magnises member will also get a concierge that makes their life that much easier when they’re ready to have fun.

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Instead of having to search the newspaper, magazines, or the Internet for great events, let the Magnises Concierge show what’s going on in the city. The concierge is so precise that it’s able to not only suggest what to do but also is able to make reservations for those who want to go to restaurants or to other places that require a reservation beforehand.

Having the Magnises membership can also help when there is a reservation that is not available to anyone in the general public. Download the Magnises Concierge application to a smartphone to start using it, and get ready for everything that it offers because it can easily give anyone something fun to do any time of the day, throughout the day. Even though anyone can become a Magnises card member, only certain people will be invited to become a Magnises Plus member on on, depending on certain criteria.

The Magnises Plus membership gives so many more perks than standard membership, and many can testify to the fact that being a Magnises plus member is just amazing. There are special events that Magnises Plus members can attend, and these events can be absolutely mind blowing. Anyone who is invited to join as a Magnises Plus member should do so if they feel it’s something that can benefit them. Being a Magnises member is something that many young people can benefit from, especially those who just want to enjoy what life has to offer, so feel free to sign up for membership today.

Why Waiakea Spring Water May Be The Perfect Post-Workout Drink?

You’ve finished a workout and now you stand in front of a mini-mart freezer looking over your options.  According to Noob Prenuer, Everything looks refreshing at this point, but here’s why you should choose Waiakea water: Waiakea water contains balanced electrolytes lost through perspiration. “By now, everyone knows drinks are not created equal, but few people take the time to study there differences in beverages,” says Waiakea spring water founder, Ryan Emmmons. Are you getting the required nutrients post-workout because the distinction among beverages is important.

Many bottled water drinks are not nutritionally balanced, yet many individuals choose trendy drinks based on good marketing. First and foremost, water is the perfect post-exercise drink. Furthermore, you should scrutinize the nutritional content because it can deliver big benefits. Learn more about Waiakea water:

Thinking Before You Drink

Hold off before gulping down that bottle of trendy and widely-known sports beverage because it most likely contains a whopping percentage of sugar, and these drinks are not much better than soda. Studies show that a 32oz bottle of Gatorade contains 56 grams of sugar and a 20oz can of Coca-cola contains 65 grams of sugar. Waiakea alkaline water provides the nutrients lost during exercise workouts.

Sodium, Magnesium, Calcium, Silica, and Potassium are natually infused in the beverage, and it may not sound like a big deal until you realize how much your body needs these minerals post-workout. Shop Gourmet has it that for example, the sodium found in Waiakea water helps stave off cramps after an intense workout. Not to mention, the beverage has no calories, while its nutritional resume is beyond impressive.

The Benefits of Waiakea Alkaline Water

Scientists say that alkaline water is better for the body because it helps neutralize acidic environments, like stomach acids, and restores the natural pH balance. With a pH level close to 9, the properties found in Waiakea water are potentially healthier.

ANTIOXIDANTS: helps neutralize free radicals that cause damage to cells

HYPERHYDRATANTE: water hydrogens are significantly reduced in size which helps to penetrate the cells and improve hydration in the dermis layers of the skin

HIGH OXYGEN: increases the amount of oxygen dissolved in the blood

MINERALS: minerals are crucial post workout and are concentrated in alkaline water

Overall, a brand like Waiakea can enhance your post-workout routine, and deliver the nutrients lost.