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Adam Milstein named among the 50 influential people in the Jewish community.

On Oct 2016, Adam Milstein was recognized by Jerusalem post as one of the top most 50 influential people in the Jewish community. The post states that Milstein has made a great impact on the world in the past few years and also he is potentially able to change the future.

Milstein is a co-founder and the chairman of Israel-American Council (IAC). Hence he was elected as no.39 for his thoughtful leadership, activists, and his philanthropic life. Milstein is a leader of various organizations including the Israel on Campus Coalition, standbyme, Hasbara Fellowship and StandwithUs among others.

Milstein says that he is humbled and honored following his selection by the Jerusalem post alongside many remarkable and famous leaders such as Benjamin Netanyahu. Milstein expresses his gratitude to his wife Gila, and to IAC and various organizations in the Jewish world and that it is a privilege to partner and associate with to make an impact in the world. He further says that the award is a statement to historic achievements of the Israel-American Council community.

The Milstein Family Foundation is dedicated and committed to a mission of building two pillars which are strengthening the Jewish community and their homeland. This can be achieved by embracing the principles of funding projects that are primarily established to bring positive impact to the lives of Jewish, effective philanthropy and building a strong relationship between Jewish organizations says Milstein. He is determined through the Family Foundation to strengthen the land of Israel and the Jewish people.

Adam Milstein and his wife Gila Milstein founded the Family Foundation where he provides and creates philanthropic and charitable to various Jewish organizations to help strengthen the relationship between U.S and Israel, the Jewish people and also the state of Israel. Milstein’s generous life includes partnership development, consulting, fundraising programs to support Jewish education, pro-Israel advocacy, and Jewish continuity.

The three philosophies provide guidance and support to philanthropic organizations to amplify their impact and also develop and maintain a deep connection with their target population.


Talk Fusion Is The Best Option For Business Communication

Talk Fusion has become the best option for business community, and they have even been featured on morning TV shows where people are learning about the ways that they can make their businesses more efficient. Every business has to have a way of helping people get connected, and that is why Talk Fusion is so important. Talk Fusion can create a great video conference for a company, or the people who use it can create video emails.

Bob Reina started the company because he wanted to help people get more work done in a day. The work that is done in a day must be done to make sure that the business can move forward even if people are not able to all be in the same office. The office environment has changed because people are now working remotely all the time, and that is how a company gets better. They can hire anyone, and they can do all the video conferencing and talking over Talk Fusion. Talk Fusion makes the whole process simpler when people need to talk to their colleagues, and it helps when there are just too many people to fit all into one office.

The best thing that can happen to a company is to be sure that they have a way to talk to all their employees no matter where they are around the world. Someone who wants to be sure that they can talk to their employees can help the business get better every day, and they can be sure that they have a way to check in with everyone.


DIVERSANT Continues to Mark New Territories in the IT Staffing World

DIVERSANT is a fully licensed Minority-Owned Business Enterprise (MBE). It is the biggest IT staffing company in the United States owned by African-Americans. The firm offers a broad spectrum of scalable IT staffing solutions and diversified products such as direct hire, IT staff augmentation, and revolutionary diversity solutions.

Why DIVERSANT is a unique IT staffing agency

DIVERSANT’s products and services are created using original, transformative ideas that aim at addressing the needs and demands of customers, associates, and the community. The firm capitalizes on its consultative and engaging approach with its clients to help in solving critical problems instead of acting as just a commodity supplier. The company believes that diversity in all aspects of its operation results in greater opportunities for partners, consultants, and customers.

Gene Waddy, the CEO

Gene Waddy leads DIVERSANT, LLC, as the CEO. Under his insightful leadership, the firm has experienced a dramatic growth and navigated tough economic recession. It has built a sound reputation for excellence and commitment to exceptional customer services among many Fortune 500 firms. He studied at the Fairleigh Dickinson University and graduated with an undergrad in mechanical engineering.

John Goullet

John Goullet offers his professional expertise and leadership services as an executive principal of DIVERSANT, LLC. After completing his higher studies from the well-known Ursinus College, Goullet ventured into the IT industry as a consultant. He discovered that prominent companies were going through hard times when it came to hiring IT talent, and he tapped into the new opportunity by becoming an IT staffing executive. Goullet’s career change motivated him to launch Info Technology whose primary objective was to link firms in need of exceptional IT services with IT experts.

Info Technologies offered groundbreaking IT solutions to the Fortune 500 firms. Within a span of five years, Info Technologies had grown from infancy into a company worth $30 million. Mr. Gene Waddy and Mr. Goullet agreed to combine their businesses to expand their addressable markets and deliver quality services and solutions to their clients.

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Investigator Pro 4.0 Helps Prosecutors, Too

Securus Technologies is doing a lot of good these days. The telecommunications giant services prisons and jail facilities across the country. They also innovate technologies to assist law enforcement. Essentially, they do good for inmates and those wearing the badge.


They do this by providing prisoners on the inside access to video chats. All the loved one of an inmate needs to do is set up an account at the Securus website. Once the account is set up, you simply need to request a video chat at a specific time. Once it’s approved, you login and enjoy a virtual visit. This kind of intimate communication afforded to prisoners has actually been shown to reduce recidivism rates, making the community at large safer.


But Securus takes it a step further. Each and every communication into an out of a prison or jail serviced by Securus is recorded and logged. Hours upon hours of video chats and phone calls sit there waiting to reveal information to law enforcement. But it would take too many man hours to comb through all of this digital information. But that is where Securus’s new innovation comes in — Investigator Pro 4.0 with voice search.


Untold hours of phone conversations can now be searched for the signature of a single voice. Every single phone call that an identified voice has ever made will pop up in an instant search results. Law enforcement to narrow down a tremendous amount of data in order to find a single person and every phone call he is ever made.


Prosecutors can use this information as well, using recorded phone calls to shed light on the character of the defendant. And who knows?


Martin Lustgarten: Using Proven Stretegies For His Clients

When companies want to acquire funds and grow their portfolios, they turn to investment banking. Stocks and bonds transfer form much of this action; however, wholesale corporate acquisitions and investment capital is part of the plan. Those who work in investment banking are highly trained and experienced. They are some of the best participants in the financial sector. They often consult and offer advising services, because they actually execute transactions.
Before companies merge or make acquisitions, they frequently get advice from investment bankers. These specialists also watch the market and help executives how to manage public assets and when to make public offerings. Some of these consulting jobs overlap with what private brokerages do. They give advice on buying and selling to the companies they represent. Although investment banking has a few more technicalities, the basic structures are the same.

Many of the specialists who work in investment bank firms actually do transactions for their clients. Some large companies want the advice, but would rather do the transactions themselves. For smaller businesses that do not have a large financial department, it makes sense to hire an investment banking specialist to manage investment decisions.

Usually, commercial banking is kept separate from investment banking. Commercial banking manages accounts, loans, and standard investments. It used to be illegal for a bank to do both commercial and investment work. The Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act of 1999 legalized it. However, banks that do both usually have different branches and staffs. All of the accounts are kept separate.

Martin Lustgarten is an investment banker who has been helping his clients for decades. He is a strong believer in international investments. He spreads his money world-wide to get a greater return. His clients have had huge success with his retirement strategies.

He is a smart investor who works hard for his clients. He studies possible financial trends before they even start. Lustgarten has a dual citizenship from Austria and Venezuela.